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Eight-Stall Portable Shower Trailer

Eight-Stall Portable Shower Trailer

Eight-Stall Portable Shower Trailer

The Eight-Stall Portable Shower Trailer is a simple solution for events such as:

• Weekend Festivals • Golf Course Outings • Retreats • Sports Tournaments • Movie Production Sites • Hospitality • Rest Room Remodels • Emergency and Disaster responses

This portable shower trailer may be combined with restroom trailers for large events. Portable Shower Trailers are the perfect choice when space, power, and water sources are not readily available or when existing facilities are not adequate.

Miller Portable Services Eight-Stall Portable Shower Trailer contains two shower areas for men and women. Each shower area is furnished with a double sink and four shower stalls. Enjoy all the comforts of home with clean showers featuring:

• Individual Private Dressing Areas • Hand Soap and Paper Products • Heating/Air Conditioning • Outdoor Lighting • Stylish Decor

The Eight-Stall Portable Shower Trailer is completely self-contained and operable using (3) 110 volt outlets or generator. Water may be supplied by garden hose or simply fill the 300 gallon on-board fresh water holding tank with booster pump. A 1200 gallon waste holding tank insures long use without service requirements or gray water from the showers can be diverted to a sanitary system or a location on the ground subject to local codes. This portable shower trailer will provide 450 hot showers before the propane needs to be replenished. Items to consider include generators, additional fresh water holding tanks, small canopies or tents for waiting area, all of which can be provided by Miller Portable Services.

Portable Shower Trailer Dimensions

Length: 37’ (including trailer tongue) Width: 13’ 6″ (stairs down) Height: 12’ 6” (from ground to top of A/C unit



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